General Screening Services / Solutions

Obtaining a pre-employment background check is the first step in safe-guarding your facility against “negligent hiring or negligent credentialing.” Combining a number of services in a background check will make it a more powerful tool to assist you in making your final, informed decision. 

AccuCheck can provide a variety of services to assist you in thoroughly vetting your candidates. The following is a brief description of some of the services offered. Call your AccuCheck account manager today to decide which combination of services will best meet your specific needs.

Identification Validation

Confirms the validity of the Social Security number, as well as the names and locations associated with the Social Security number. Information is compared to that provided by an applicant in their resume, CV or employment application and screened for validation as well as variations. 

Education Verification

Confirms the type of degree, major, honors if listed, as well as attendance dates. Obtaining academic confirmation assists in establishing the credibility, academic credentials and skill sets of your candidate. 

Training Verification

Verifies exact dates of training as well as confirming specialty area. AccuCheck routinely screens for extended or abbreviated dates, gaps in training, adverse or derogatory information as well as other areas of concern. 

Licensure/Certification Verification

Confirms certification standards for professional occupations have been met and maintained. Professional certification can be confirmed for a variety of professionals, including technical support, healthcare providers, attorneys, CPAs, bankers, engineers, etc. Verification using primary sources ensures the accuracy of candidate supplied information while confirming validity and current standing of certification. 

Court Record Searches

Covers one of the most essential components of any background check. AccuCheck networks with researchers across the country and the world to provide searches of the Civil record indexes and Criminal record repositories. 

County Civil and Criminal record indexes are found in over 3500 courts across the United States. AccuCheck teams with a nationwide network of researchers and court clerks to determine if any civil and/or criminal actions exist naming your candidate as a party to the action. 

Federal record indexes are a critical source of information, as well. AccuCheck is a registered researching agent and can provide our clients with full access to Federal Civil, Criminal and Bankruptcy indexes in over 200 Federal district courts. 

Driving Record History

Reviews driving record history information revealing infractions, restrictions, accidents and reports of driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

OFAC Query

Investigators cross reference candidate information against the International collective database obtained from agencies affiliated with the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC). The continuously updated data is derived from US governmental and law enforcement agencies, as well as their foreign counterparts and partners across the world. The database is a compilation of “targeted individuals” including those named on the US and International “Watch List”, International Terrorists and Most Wanted lists. 

Employment Verification

Reviews an applicant’s current and past employment, job responsibilities and compensation. Verifications may provide dates of employment, position, salary, separation information and eligibility for rehire. 

Professional Referencing

AccuCheck utilizes our exclusive and adaptable Professional Reference forms which will provide timely and critical information to assist you in making a final decision. Questionnaires are designed to determine an individual’s “fit” for your organization, assessing a candidate’s knowledge and skill sets, as well as any areas of specific concern or of interest to your organization. 

Sex Offender Registry Query

A query of this registry provides compliance with state regulations as well as policy requirements to screen for Sexual Offenders by providing a thorough review of a comprehensive database, consisting of over 500,000 registered sex offenders across the United States and internationally. 

For a complete listing and description of the over 50+ Pre-Employment, investigative services offered by AccuCheck, call us today!