Frequently Asked Questions

AccuCheckReportsObjective, fact-driven research should be part of the evaluation process, along with your interviews and reference checks.  Combining multiple investigative services will guarantee more comprehensive background checks. See Services. 

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Why should we choose AcccuCheck?

When selecting a company to provide background checks or screening reports, you need a solid, experienced partner that can help you navigate through state, federal and other governmental regulations. You want a company that is as credible as the information they provide. You can trust AccuCheck to be your partner in the background screening process. Our management team brings over 75 years of experience in the field of background screening, data research and analysis. AccuCheck has built a solid reputation for top-notch screening and reporting and has set the standard of excellence for over 20 years.

Should we do the same type of check on everyone?

The depth and scope of the background check should be in keeping with the position relative to areas of responsibility, liability and assessed risk to security, data, co-workers, clients, as well as other unique considerations relative to your organization or industry.

Bear in mind, when someone joins an organization, they may be granted access to business intelligence, proprietary data, expensive equipment or company funds – perhaps even a company credit card. They will likely have contact with clients, other staff members and in the healthcare industry, will potentially have contact with a “vulnerable” population of patients.

Organizations have a fiduciary duty to protect their own interests as well as the interests of anyone who may be impacted when a new staff member is added. The solution is to demonstrate due diligence by thoroughly screening all candidates to avoid claims of negligent hiring or other liability litigation. 

Remember….their past is your future! 

Who should we obtain a background check on?

Every individual you are considering for hire within your organization should be thoroughly screened. 

An important consideration: background checks should be performed consistently, across the board. While the level of the check and services ordered may vary depending upon the job responsibilities and duties, an inconsistent application of the background screening process could be interpreted as discriminatory. 

Background checks are utilized by a number of industries, service providers and business personnel and management teams, to find out more about candidates applying for position in these and other areas: 

Employers – Manufacturers / Retail / Consulting / Sales / Technical Support 
Pre-employment background checks can be done at every level, from non-exempt to mid level management to CEO positions to safeguard your facility’s reputation, finances and your commitment to your customers and other employees.

Healthcare Industry (Hospitals, Clinics and Ambulatory Care Facilities)
Pre-screen your candidates including Physicians, MidLevel Practitioners (Nurse Practitioners, Physician Assistants, etc.), Nurses, and Allied Health Personnel to ensure due diligence is performed.

LLC, Partnerships, Corporation Development
Take a closer look at your potential partner or business associate to avoid concerns, such as patterns of litigious behavior or financial issues not previously disclosed.

Are all court records considered public records?

While most records and data accessed are considered to be public records, the FCRA (Fair Credit Reporting Act) and the amendment FACTA (The Fair and Accurate Credit Transaction Act) require that Consumer Reporting Agencies (CRA) such as AccuCheck, only provide information when the consumer (employment candidate) has provided written authorization. There are some states that have specific and often more stringent guidelines as to what types of public records may be provided to and/or considered by an employer prior to making an employment offer. Also, some records, such as juvenile, expunged or sealed records are generally not accessible and may not be reported under certain circumstances. 

When should we do a background check?

It is advisable to perform a background check prior to hiring an individual or at the very least, prior to signing a contract. Contractual language may be expanded to include a contingency statement which references a satisfactory background check. 

How could someone’s past affect my company if we are not performing background checks?

There is a very real threat of liability that all employers face under the legal doctrine of “negligent hiring.” The doctrine has application across the board in terms of level of employment, ranging from hourly employees to CEO, to doctor, attorney, or any other professional. If a simple background check would have revealed a propensity toward violence, incompetence or malicious behavior, “ignorance” of the past pattern may not be a defensible position in a negligent hiring lawsuit. 

What’s the true cost of a bad hire?

It’s hard to pin that number down. Sources range from estimating 30% of the hiring costs to up to 5 times the original cost.  (US Dept. of Labor; SHRM)

When the truth is exposed about your candidate misrepresenting abilities, experience or other work-related areas, the expenses escalate quickly, including the cost of ending contractual agreements, re-initiating the talent search and re-aligning your infrastructure in the interim.

Adversely affected parties can file lawsuits – the terminated candidate can sue for breach of contract; wronged or damaged parties can sue for negligent hiring or negligent credentialing…even malpractice.  Proving that your organization performed due diligence by thoroughly screening your candidates is critical.

These scenarios can be avoided by simply performing a thorough background check.

Do people really lie about their previous jobs or education?

Definitely – statistics indicate that more than 50% of all applications will have misleading or false information about past employment and over 80% have exaggerated academic or professional credentials. An employee, regardless of position or association with your facility, who has misrepresented their qualifications, competency level and therefore, their integrity, is the wrong person for any position…particularly with your organization – it is a recipe for disaster. 

How much does screening cost?

Each of our clients has unique needs and industry-specific criteria to which they must conform. AccuCheck reports are customized to meet our client’s requirements. Call or email an AccuCheck representative to obtain a list of services, pricing and standard packages available. 

Can I access records myself and use the information to make a hiring decision?

The federal statute known as the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) clearly defines the type of court record information that can be used by employers when making a decision about a prospective employee. The FCRA also provides information about the age of records, which varies depending upon type and jurisdiction of records. 

Additionally, a number of states currently have legislation pertaining to the use of court record information, particularly criminal convictions, typically with more stringent reporting guidelines. 

Given the complexities of the federal and state restrictions and guidelines, it is important to have a knowledgeable, experienced and trusted partner in the background screening industry that can provide you with critical court record information that is both legally permissible to view and consider before you hire. 

For more information, see “Court Records” or contact an AccuCheck representative at 800.874.9099 to inquire about our thorough, investigative services.